About us

The programs of surrogacy (o surrogate mothers which means the same) give the opportunity to make the dream of becoming parents come through for all those couples and singles whom by infertility o diverse reasons cannot have there own children.

Despite the absence of a biological relationship between the child and the surrogate mother, she plays the most important role in the whole process, forming and delivering the baby who has been previously created through the biological mother’s eggs or an egg donor and the father’s sperm or a donor.
All the professionals that are involved in the surrogacy programs are supported by several decades of experience.

They are hundreds of babies that born yearly through this system in the U.S. and its most secure guarantied and an internationally recognized. The birth of these children are the results of the success of the programs supported by totally qualified and specialized companies, giving a personalized, human and totally confidential treatment. We understand and know the vital importance that a surrogated mother has for all those couples or singles that sees in her there last possibility of making real the dream of being parents.

Our job and goal in each case is to advise and inform on each step to follow regarding the hiring of professionals such as clinics, egg donors, surrogate mothers, lawyers, etc. in U.S. and advice in Spain in order to avoid delay in the process.

The gestation by surrogacy is improving even more at a worldwide level. Since it has been excluded by the Assisted Reproduction Law in Spain, many families has been going to foreign countries where this practice is totally legal.

Contact us which out any commitment, we will be glad to attend and advice you. We are a team that guarantees our professionalism through our own personal experience.


Team and Philosophy

Sebatian Expósito Campoy Director-Adviser of Vientre de Alquier started in the world of gestation by subrogation thanks to his own personal experience.

By this, he became to be one of the single fathers in Spain through a gestation by subrogation in California, U.S. always being supported and advised by the attorney in law Raul Castillo, a specialist lawyer in legal topics of gestation for subrogation or surrogate mothers.

Certain aspects and difficulties during the whole process reveal the lack of information that the different professionals facilitate from the beginning process, information that also is not requested by the future parents due to there ignorance. Also, all the information that you find on the net does not reflect the complexity of the whole process until you live in the person.

From this own personal experience, a need to offer and make known to future families an integral service advice of all the programs of gestation for subrogation, grows with the purpose of knowing the advantages as well as risks.

VientredeAlquiler.com has as principal goal as a company and it is to put ourselves in the place of the future parents and to help that there tour up to the paternity and / or maternity become the least costly as possible and be within reaches of the major quantity of couples and singles for who infertility or several reasons could not have there own children.

The Birth of these children is the success of our work and to know that we have contributed with a dream make real, to be parents.